Jory Kinjo                                               Kaley Kinjo

The Kinjo Brothers are looking forward to bringing their new material to a much wider audience this year during the 6th World Uchinanchu Festival in Okinawa in October! 

    It wasn’t until a trip returning to their father’s home-land of Okinawa in southern Japan as adults that Jory and Kaley Kinjo joined their musical forces on stage.  Walking into every live music venue they could find, a spark was lit and the Kinjo Brothers were born!  
    Since their inception, the brothers have performed in live music venues and festivals across Canada and have returned to Southern Japan many times to perform, including a performance as a featured artist on the RBC stage during the Naha Matsuri in 2012 which was live broadcast across Okinawa on television and radio to an Island-wide audience.  
    While both brothers started as bassists, they have hailed from much different pasts.  Jory has had the experience of being a captivating frontman for a popular R&B group called the Mocking Shadows.  With that group, Jory performed on many nation-wide tours, albums, and esteemed opening slots, including a tour opening for the late great BB King.  Kaley was the bassist for a popular gypsy-rock-ska group called The Plaid Tongued Devils.  With the Devils, Kaley toured extensively through North Western Canada and parts of Europe playing festivals and clubs alike.    
    As a solo artist Jory has worked with many prominent reggae artists including ska legends “The Slackers”.  Kaley’s solo work began as a strong singer/songwriter in the folk scene, however his most recent work has lead him to co-writing on the latest release from popular Okinawan group ”Diamantes”.  Both brothers have put out work as solo artists, but their collaboration has resulted in a natural reggae sound with a soulful flavour that has been well received by audiences young and old alike.  The Kinjo Brothers are very excited to return to Okinawa once again to celebrate their heritage and expand to an even bigger audience!!